Team Building

All the world’s a stage and everyone has a role to play. A good team is when each one understands their role and plays their part and as a whole achieves their objective. This session involves all the making of a theatre production - working together as a team, embracing risk-taking, and building on each other’s ideas and strengths, problem solving adaptability, effective communication and brainstorming.

Conflict Management

The essence of any good plot is conflict. This session helps identify good conflict and manage the not-so-good conflicts. The session moves from identifying conflict-triggering behavior patterns to resolving interpersonal issues through effective negotiation skills. It also covers how to give effective feedback and use conflicts in a positive manner. The idea is to help you work on the issue and not the person.

Change Management

Since change is the only constant, the biggest issue in most work places is being able to cope positively with change. And we are not just talking about policy change or corporate change. When people change, teams grow in numbers and suddenly you are not riding the same wave, that’s when you are faced with the challenge of Change. The focus of this session is to understand and manage change in an effective manner while adapting to any given situation.

Emotional Awareness

This session is about becoming aware about your emotions and those of your peers. The theatre based session provides you with a non-threatening environment to explore and experience all of your emotions and of others around you. This session is crucial to personal and interpersonal development because our emotions impact our decision making ability. Being able to react appropriately in an emotionally intelligent and healthy way means better self and relationship management.


Your script is what defines you and your role. Words play a very important part in your interactions with others. This session focuses on effective communication as a whole. Crucial aspects of verbal communication, listening skills and body language are covered. Small nuances in tone and a slight change in gestures can influence the listener to a great extent. We show you the how, the when and the where of using them.


Set the stage for some fantastic performance. The focus of this session is to set the imagination free and nurture spontaneous creativity. Development happens on many levels – creative, innovative, motivational & spiritual. The ideation process helps to approach issues within the workforce and find alternate solutions. The icing on the cake is that this session also creates a complete stress free environment for the participants.

Lights, Camera, Action

A concentrated, performance based training culminating in a play. These sessions are based on different aspects of theatre and performance – acting, storytelling, movement, body language, emoting, script writing etc. The focus of these sessions is to hone the actor in you. Works really well for an all- hands meet, annual day in office, launch of a product, shoot for a corporate AV.